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Ass Vault Locking Anal Expander

Ass Vault Locking Anal Expander

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Take anal play seriously with the Ass Vault Locking Ass Expander! Made out of durable, non-porous, stainless steel, this plug is compatible with all types of lubricants and will last for years to come! For those who are kinky and love anal bondage, this is a must have! Using the flat, circular key you can expand the metal petals of the plug for a more intense backdoor fill that locks the plug in place. Once the gold pin flat key is used to officially lock the device, the petals won't move and your rear end will be stuck in whatever position that plug is last put in. Make sure not to lose the keys so you can release your bottom from bondage! Enjoy premium quality materials that are temperature sensitive and have a substantial weight to them that can be felt as a satisfying, constant, downward pull on the rectum. The tapered tip helps make insertion easy and the slim neck and wide base keep it safely in place without worry of it being slipped further inside. The plug can easily be cleaned by boiling it in water and cleaning solution or using isopropyl alcohol. Clean it before and after each use.

With the plug in a contracted position, use plenty of lube and slip the tip into your backdoor. For a more pleasant sensation, run warm water over the metal to warm it up before insertion. Once inside, use the circular flat key to expand the metal petals; only expand the petals to the degree that is comfortable and don't force it! As you find the desired expansion, use the gold pin locking key to keep it in place so it doesn't contract again until you let it. Make sure not to lose either key for safety reasons! Enjoy playing with your partner or even serving them and begging them to let you free after being locked into anal bondage! What will you do to earn release?

Measurements: Overall length: 3.4 inches. Insertable length: 2.8 inches. Plug expands from 1.5 inches to 2.2 inches in diameter.

Plug Weight: 9.3oz (264g)

Materials: Stainless steel

Color: Silver

Note: For safety reasons, do not misplace or lose the gold pin and locking key or the flat circular expander key.

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Plug: This plug is non-porous, nickel-free, durable, sleek and sexy; this serious, industrial style locking plug is for experienced kinksters who want premium quality toys!
  • Expanding Petals: With a turn of the flat circle key the petals expand or close.
  • Secure Locking Mechanism: Use the key with the gold locking pin to lock the plug in place; keep it expanded or closed to the degree you choose.
  • Tapered Tip and Slim Neck: The tapered tip helps with insertion and the slim neck and wide base keep it safely and securely inside without concern for it going further past the sphincter.
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