Meet The Founder

Hey Everyone!

My name is Natasha and I'm the founder and owner of Solé Resale Boutique. For a lifetime, I've been thrifting for a number of reasons. There were times that it was the only thing in my budget to times where it became something I loved. What I didn't forget was that majority of my compliments came from thrift finds, whether good condition or needed repairs. That's when I realized in 2008, when the economy crashed, that fashion was missing the intimacy of secondhand. It's a great way to make something your own at a frugal price tag. That's when I went back to my fashion roots and started to think how, when and where. I than realized that resale was missing in the urban communities. Everywhere I shopped, growing up, was out of my community of the Garfield/Lawndale (west side) community of Chicago. So I decided I was going to open up a resale store somewhere near. I than located my brick-and-mortar in the near west area in 2012 to present. It has been an experience of introducing thrifting to newbies, as well as, catering to experienced thrifters. I've worked hard over the years to continuously progress with this fast paced society. I must say, this journey has had its challenges, but I'm still here and growing strong. Please support me on this continuous journey, and always remember to shop Solé Resale Boutique. Eleven years and still going strong!

With Love,

Natasha R.

Solé Resale Boutique.